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Experience speaks for itself. Digital Dirt has a surveying background with roots grounded in boundary surveying and construction layout. Our machine control experience includes everything from small residential sites to complex highway interchanges. Let our projects tell you who we are.

Brooks Tractor Customer Training Days

In February 2014 Digital Dirt LLC presented at the Brooks Tractor Customer Training Days. Dana spoke on the topic of "Before You Start Grading - Data Preparation and Project Setup." She discussed the components of site and road models, what is needed to build them, file formats for the machines and rovers, and site calibration procedures.


3D Site Model for Large Retail Site

This site model project was completed for Super Western, Inc. in 2015 for a large retail development in Wisconsin.  The project included the retail development site, along with roadway improvements and a fill site.  The final surface file included the grading for the retail site, fill site and roads at proposed grade in one file.  The linework included all improvements, alignments, and contours.

M plan crop M plan2 crop M plan3 crop M plan4 crop M plan5 crop M 3d1 crop M 3d2 crop M 3d3 crop

Roadway Models for New Residential Developments

Digital Dirt LLC has been working with Parisi Construction Co., Inc. since the first days of our company.  We have completed numerous models over the past two years for them.  Many of these models have been completed for the grading of new roadways in residential developments.  These models have consistently been built to include one integrated subgrade surface of the road with proposed elevations for all green areas.  The typical linework for these projects has included alignments, edge of pavements, curb and gutter, back of curb offsets, sidewalks, and slope intercepts or right-of-way.  The images below have been selected from just two of the several projects we have completed for Parisi Construction.


B2 B 1B 3D1  B 3D2CR2 cropCR3 cropCR 3D1 cropCR 3D2 cropCR 3D3 crop

Alignments for Stringless Paving

Although they may not look like much as an image, these alignments are critical in one of the newest machine control technologies of stringless paving. When Parisi Construction Co., Inc. decided to go stringless for their curbing operations, they turned to Digital Dirt LLC to help them create the alignments they needed for the equipment.  To create the alignment files, a horizontal alignment is created for each curb run without any stops for intersections.  A vertical profile is then calculated to match the main alignments, slope variations of lanes, and intersection data. Once the alignment is created, a template is applied to it, and it is exported for use in the paving machine. Digital Dirt LLC has completed several alignments on multiple jobs for Parisi Construction in 2015.


CR5 crop CR4 crop

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